The Profit Taker Program

The Profit Taker Program

Use of a Novel Nanotechnology Platform to Improve Patient Clinical Outcomes and the Profitability of Your Practice

  • Tim Brown, CEO; Gerald Curatola, DDS; Chris Katsanevas, CFP; Leo Malin, DDS; Kevin Mudrow, DDS; Andrew Willoughby, DMD
  • 8 Credit Hours
  • September 23, 2023 8:00 am
  • 9940 W. Flamingo Road, Ste. 105, Las Vegas, Nevada

A detailed review of the science behind a proprietary Antimicrobial, Wound-healing Nanotechnology which has been clinically shown to not only help improve patient outcomes but to help qualify your dental business for significant R&D Tax credits. These Tax credits can and do have a significant impact on your business’s Free Cash Flow/ Profit and its ultimate resale value. In this Lecture, you will hear from one of the largest Dental Brokers in the business and a Tax and Wealth advisory Firm (that specializes in Tax R&D) that there is real truth in the old saying “It’s Not about what you Make – It’s all about what you Take”.

Our expert panel will provide a detailed summary of alternative chemotoxic substances which Dentists are currently using to address biofilms, smear layers and surgical site infections and describe why the use of such chemical ingredients is of real concern. There will also be detailed clinical cases showcasing the use of this Nanotechnology and its amazing wound-healing properties. There will be a detailed financial review of the Tax R&D Program and we will describe the impact it has had on several Dentists’ practices as well as introduce you to a new financial term called “Inverted Free Cash Flow” which is unique to this Program. We will finish with a rapid-fire Q&A session for those who would like to learn more.

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Course Features

  • In-person, hands-on experience with world class dental professionals.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Value-added features and benefits of an Antimicrobial / Wound healing NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology and how it can be utilized to a) improve patient clinical outcomes and b) improve the financial profitability of your dental practice.
  • What the Technological Uncertainties associated with Dentistry are and how this Nanotechnology platform allows Dentists to address them utilizing experimental Protocols based on Safety, Efficacy, Performance and Stability.
  • What the Tax R&D Program is all about; who operates it; what is it designed to do and how is it applicable to Dentists.
  • How to incorporate Tax R&D and these NanoMetallic Silver Oxide products and protocols into your dental practices