Comprehensive Treatment Planning

  • Dr. Byron M. Blasco, DMD
  • 8 Credit Hours
  • November 3, 2023 8:00 am
  • 9940 W. Flamingo Road, Ste. 105, Las Vegas, Nevada

Don’t deny your patients the best treatment available because you don’t have the answers… Don’t let models sit while the patient remains untreated because you’re unsure… Help your patients understand, and say, “Yes!” to the best treatment! This course will help you become aware of and hone the skills necessary for each patient’s comprehensive examination, findings, and case presentation. Perform dentistry you’re proud of, resulting in a healthy, grateful patient, and contribute to your practice’s success. Learn and perfect the powerful asset of treatment planning! Presented with the proper information, your patient will be educated, and desire your comprehensive care.

The steps of the comprehensive treatment plan will be presented along with the use of multiple diagnostic aids that are essential in gathering the patient’s clinical information. Utilizing the systematic review of the diagnosis process and your findings, you’ll be equipped with the necessary information to present your patients with a treatment plan reflecting the highest standard of care. You’ll be empowered to plan and present the ideal restorative case that will exceed your patient’s desires. Let us help you better understand your options relating to treatment sequencing for the ultimate comprehensive result.

The Comprehensive Treatment Plan is the fuel that feeds your practice: You serve the patient at the highest level; The practice grows and flourishes; You can improve your life! In dental school you were focused on completing requirements, treating a patient on a tooth-by-tooth basis, and how to structurally take care of a tooth. This is what you didn’t learn in school. This is what you’ve been looking for without feeling like you’re paying for another semester. Make the investment in yourself, empowering you to serve others.

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Course Features

  • In Person, or Live Webinar

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to organize your diagnostic skills and capabilities in a systematic approach in gathering data, achieving physiologic goals, and enhancing clinical outcomes.
  • Become confident in creating a comprehensive, multi-phased, multi-faceted treatment plan.
  • Learn, practice, & develop the systems and skills to make a difference in the life of your patient, caring for the whole patient that has entrusted their care to you.
  • Identify where the teeth belong for each individual and why.
  • Become familiar with resources that assist you in educating the patient – photography, Cad Cam Dentistry, scanning, 3D printing.
  • Learn an easy-to-follow system that turns you from single tooth dentistry to being the best you can be, empowering you to provide the best care possible.
  • Understand the sequence of Comprehensive Treatment Planning and the multiple steps for patient education, patient understanding, case acceptance, workflow, and treatment success.
  • Benefit from decades of clinical experience and round table discussions to provide the ultimate care for your patients, helping your practice thrive, and impacting the lives of every team member contributing to your success – including YOU!

Timothy A. Brown, FRI, CEO & Broker of Record, ROI Corporation

Tim is the CEO and Broker of Record of ROI Corporation, Canada’s largest national professional practice appraiser and broker since 1974. Tim is a highly sought-after professional speaker, respected author and publisher and maintains a very popular blog/newsletter on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Tim has developed a well-earned reputation in the industry for his straightforward, no-nonsense approach and unwavering loyalty to his clients. ROI Corp fiercely protects the interests of their Dental Clients and has no conflicts of interest with corporations, DSOs, suppliers or accounting firms – whatsoever! Tim is also a leading authority in understanding and identifying popular trends, themes and programs and their potential in today’s market which are important in maximizing practice value. Tim is the Author of the “Profitable Practice” now with over 9000 copies in distribution and has over 300 articles published in respected Canadian Dental Journals.

Dr. Gerald P. Curatola, DDS.

Dr. Curatola hails from New York, New York where he has been a practicing General Dentist for over 38 years and is a highly regarded Holistic Dentist, Inventor, Author and experienced International Lecturer. Gerald is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at New York State University and is known for his contributions to cosmetic dentistry. He is a contributor to the Fox News Channel, AOL Health And Dr Oz Show. Gerald has appeared on the Martha Stewart Show, NBC’s Your Total Health, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN Networks about his book; “The Mouth-Body Connection- A 28-Day Program To Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body“. Gerald is the founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry and the co-inventor and co-developer of REVITIN Oral Therapy. Dr. Curatola is an outspoken critic of many commonly used chemo-toxic ingredients in Dentistry who has come to appreciate the novel features and benefits of VeraSIL’s Nanotechnology based R&D Programs. Gerald has helped to establish a Pediatric Dental Fund in the Hamptons which provides free dental care to children on Long Island’s East End.

Mr. Chris Katsanevas, BSc. (Mktg), CSE, CFP, Senior Partner Soulence Tax & Wealth Advisors

The Soulence Company is a recognized Tax & Wealth Advisory Company and are Tax R&D Specialists. Since 2007 when Chris co-founded Soulence, he has been the Company’s lead Wealth Advisor employing cutting-edge financial vehicles with a defensive, tactical, and strategic management approach to help protect his client’s wealth from losses and tax erosion. Chris holds a BSc. in Marketing and a minor in Finance both from the U. Of Utah and received his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer degree in 2004. Chris is married to his lovely wife Ellen and has one son Andreas and one daughter Lliana.

Dr. Leo Malin, DMD, LVIF, Implant Surgeon & Reconstructive Dentist

Leo has been placing and restoring Dental Implants for more than 30 years. Dr. Malin is considered a world-leading authority on CT-guided implant planning/placement and fixture design and is one of the original advocates of the long-taper, conicalshaped, platform-shifting implant designs for which he has been issued several priority-dated US and Foreign Patents. Leo’s innovation and expertise have led to the development of Implant Logistics and the Implant One Dental Implant system, which is now utilized by Dentists throughout North America. Since 2012 Leo has been running an ADA CERP Program for Dental Implants in the Dominican Republic. Since 2017, Dr. Malin has been utilizing VeraSIL’s Nanotechnology-based Clinical Protocols for the surgical placement and prosthetic restoration of dental implants and is currently participating in Tax R&D activities with these same products. Dr. Malin is currently working on a revolutionary implant thread design (with a major Medical Orthopedic company) to radically improve the initial stability of the dental implant in soft, spongy bone at the time of placement. Clinical trials are ongoing and in this upcoming webinar, Dr Malin will share some exciting new developments/findings with his audience. President & Founder, Implant Logistics & IST Seminars, & co-owner of AMS MicroMedical – an ISO 13485 Compliant Medical Device Manufacturer, Lacrosse, WI.

Dr. Kevin Mudrow, DDS, Biomemetic Dentist. Senior Dental Clinician, South West Oregon US Gov., HHS Sponsored Community Care Program

Kevin has been practicing general Dentistry for over 16 years and has a true passion for laser-assisted general restorative dentistry. Dr. Mudrow has been using NanoMetallic Silver Oxide for the past 2+ years and is keenly interested in the oral microbiome and the negative impact that many commonly used chemo-toxic ingredients can have on gut health. Kevin has been working with and formulating this Nanotechnology with various formats of Fluoride in combination with adjuvants such as Calcium Carbonate, EDTA and Hydrogen Peroxide in order to try and help reduce the incidence of root caries and hypo calcification/decay in the general dental population. Dr. Mudrow will be lecturing on the impact of NanoMetallic Silver Oxide on the Prevention and Treatment of Oral Disease and the Maintenance of the Oral Microbiome and will be sharing his clinical experiences using the OraSIL products.


Dr. Willoughby is a General Dentist with over 35 years’ experience, who operates two full-time surgical/restorative-based dental practices in British Columbia, Canada. Andrew holds 7 different clinical certifications and has extensive training in TMJ / Airway / CT Guided DI and GBR surgeries as well as combined Tooth-Implant and Full Mouth Reconstructions. Andrew is the named Inventor of 90 US and Foreign Patents including the Priority dated Patents in the area of CAD/CAM Custom Milled Dental Implant Abutments which he successfully licensed to Straumann Holdings, AG in June 2002. Dr. Willoughby has been successfully incorporating the use of a novel Antimicrobial Wound Healing NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology into his clinical practice for over 17 years now and since 2018, Andrew has been utilizing Nanotechnology based Tax R&D Programs to not only improve patient clinical outcomes but to generate increased profitability and Free Cash Flow for his dental corporation. Dr Willoughby is currently working on the development of a novel optical scanning system for milled and 3D printed post and cores as well as other novel digital workflow programs for the manufacture of anatomically corrected multi-rooted dental implant fixtures. Andrew is the Founder/Director of VeraSIL Therapeutics and DDSource Manufacturing.

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