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Ridge Preservation and Extraction Site Enhancement

Ridge preservation and extraction site enhancement are critical procedures in the field of dentistry. These techniques play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the alveolar ridge after tooth extraction and ensuring optimal conditions for dental implant placement. In this article, we will delve into the importance, techniques, and

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The Art of Crafting Custom Mouth Guards

Dentistry is a dynamic field, constantly evolving to meet the needs of patients seeking not only dental health but overall well-being. One area where this integration of oral and general health is particularly crucial is the creation of custom mouth guards. These simple yet highly effective devices have a profound

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The Value of Continuing Education

Value of Quality Continuing Education   Continuing education stands as a cornerstone in the dental profession, providing structured avenues for dental professionals to bolster their skills, expand their knowledge base, and remain up to date in a constantly evolving profession. Dental continuing education (CE) transcends the foundational education acquired in dental

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